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Artificial intelligence is a fast-moving field. I created Ahead of AI to help you keep up with the latest news and trends. 

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In addition to news and trends, Ahead of AI also features educational nuggets centered around artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I like to dig deep into research papers and code up machine learning models from scratch. In Ahead of AI, I share the most interesting parts to help you learn more efficiently.

About the author

My name is Sebastian Raschka, and I am have been working on machine learning and AI for more than a decade.

Next to being a researcher, I also have a strong passion for education and am best known for my bestselling books on machine learning using open-source software.

As Lead AI Educator at Lightning AI, I am excited about making AI & deep learning more accessible and teaching people how to utilize AI & deep learning at scale.

Previously, I worked as a Statistics professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, focusing on deep learning and machine learning research.

Besides Substack, you can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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Sebastian Raschka 

Sebastian is a machine learning and AI researcher with over a decade of experience in the field. He is very passionate about explaining complex technical concepts and "taking the magic out of AI."